The specific use of a kick bike varies from person to person, but still limited to two basic purposes. While some utilize it as an exercising tool for maintaining a healthy life, others channel it for transport and commuting. Either way, the kick bike efficiently offers the body an easier means of movement and in a fun way too.

Considering the enormous advantages of this hybrid bicycle, great care is taken when selecting or purchasing one for use. Factors like durability, strength and brand type are recommended as primary parameters to bear in mind. Kick bike brands vary in different regions, and are usually built differently too. However, there are notable manufacturing companies in the market today that have earned their place for making the best machines.

This article will highlight 3 brands that are known to produce the best kick bikes in the world. We’ll also list model examples you can check out when next you go surveying. Let’s dive in!

3 Recommended Kick Bike Brands

Picking the best kick bike guarantees extensive fun and experience. Quality brand products incur lesser cost and require little maintenance. We can see some of the outlined recommendations here:


With this Czech based brand you can get the complete selection of popular kick bike models. Every YEDOO rider speeds past you, grinning broadly, whether they are riding small-sized bikes or very high-quality wheels. When it comes to craftsmanship, design, and driving pleasure, every product is a true masterpiece that us highly desirable.

In terms of pricing, cost is determined by preference. Some bikes can be more expensive than others, but doesn’t mean the quality is better. The brand aims at customer satisfaction, hence the best services and offers are delivered without much detour. These features plus many more keeps them at the top of the market chain with some listed products such as the Yedoo Trexx, Yedoo Mula and the Yedoo Wolfer.


The MIBO machines, like their partner brand Yedoo, are produced in the European nation of the Czech Republic. The company was established before the year 2000. Initially designed as a training tool for skiers, Bétislav Michálek’s invention is currently being used to reach an even wider audience.Small units, great attention to detail, excellent standards, and a smooth ride right at the top are the key features of their products.

Every year, a good number of over 2,000 MIBO kick bikes are produced and sent from the Czech Republic. However, this rate of production does not change the quality of products. In fact to back up this fact, the corporation authorities released an official statement that quality will always come before recognition and profit maximization. Because of this, their machines in general are widely researched and frequently off the market.


The newly founded brand, Crussis is the last on our list of top kick bike manufacturers. Since 2015, the company has thrived in a market where there were hardly any customers. On trips where you would find designated mountain bikes at home, the Crussis kickbikes were used. Off-road, on-road, in fun parks, downhill parks—the most important part of their machine is the loads of fun, external gadgets and features it comes with.


Getting the best out of your kick bike depends on your brand choice. The best brands out there offer quality products with lesser maintenance and better durability. It is important to choose wisely and that’s where this article comes in.


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