Therapies are one of the most effective medical treatments. There are countless kinds of therapies, from psychological to cognitive and holistic. Some of these treatments involve the therapist’s expertise and knowledge, while machines work as assistance in others.

Pressotherapy is a detoxifying therapy that increases lymphatic drainage. It is a kind of treatment that uses a pressotherapy machine. These machines come with body covering suits which an inflater fills up to squeeze the patient’s body.

Human bodies contain lymph nodes that gain fluid after specific surgical or cancer-curing procedures. This article will help you understand how pressotherapy machines work and why they are used.

Where Are Pressotherapy Machines Used?

Pressotherapy is mainly applicable to upper- and lower limbs and abdomens. These are the regions in which most lymph nodes are present and may accumulate fluid. Hence, pressotherapy machines come in multiple layouts; some only cover your limbs, while others also envelop the abdomen.

Pressotherapy machines help enhance the functioning of the vascular systems, supplying oxygen to the body tissues and reducing toxins.

How Does a Pressotherapy Machine Work?

The pressotherapy machines have a body suit attached to a small electric gadget. The unit inflates and out flats the air into the garment wrapped around the body. This pulsating motion of the suit has a massage-like effect but is way more beneficial than typical massages. Here is what happens in a regular pressotherapy session.

  1. You arrive at the specific clinic, and an operator leads you to a pressotherapy massage chair or bed (after thorough documentation). Fortunately, the treatment doesn’t require the removal of clothes, so you can relax as the practitioner helps you with the pressotherapy garment. By the way, it looks like an astronaut’s suit.
  2. Once the suit starts to inflate, you’ll feel a squeeze. The intensity of the compression varies from patient to patient. Since most patients are scared that the process may be hurtful, it is essential to note that the squeeze is more like pressure and not pain.
  3. The compression and decompression last for almost 30 to 45 minutes. The after-effects of pressotherapy differ from individual to individual. Some feel lightweight, while others feel like urinating instantly (it is usually due to the water’s movement in the body).

Why Use Pressotherapy Machines?

This section discusses why pressotherapy machines are better than manually removing lymphatic fluids. Yes, it is possible to remove the fluid from your lymph nodes without the assistance of a device, but there are certain benefits of using one.

  • Firstly, the machine applies optimal pressure to your body, resulting in pain relief and a soothing sensation.
  • Pressotherapy machines cover a larger area, so using them also results in a toned body, as blood circulation helps reduce cellulite.
  • Pressotherapy machines also increase the body’s immunity and reduce limb stiffness and swelling.

Are Pressotherapy Machines Safe?

Pressotherapy machines are generally safe. However, slight side effects have been noticed in some cases. For instance, some patients faced muscular pain because of the machine’s high pressure. Moreover, the intactness of the pressotherapy suit with the skin may cause skin irritation or slight redness.

The Bottom Line

Pressotherapy is the most effective way of curing oedema, venous ulcers, and lymphoedema. However, some experts recommend the procedure for faster muscular recovery as well. Pressotherapy is carried out using pressotherapy machines. Although it is not mandatory, pressotherapy machines are more advantageous than standard massage treatments.

A pressotherapy machine combines a wearable garment with an air-filling device. The suit squeezes the limbs and abdomen to circulate blood and reduce the lymph fluids. Pressotherapy machines are more effective due to their consistency.


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